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School Visits
School Visits

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The Magnificent Race #2


This is the second installment on my blog series about my self-publishing journey. Photo was taken in Reno, NV at The Great Reno Balloon Race 9/2014.  Here we are 11 days into our Kickstarter project for, The Magnificent Race, and I’m grateful to all the backers who got us off to a solid start. I thought I would start off this post by answering the question, why self-publish? My journey into the publishing world has been a bit different from most. My first book, The Gekkleberry Tree, was published by a local publisher. However, when my second book was complete, they were no …

The Magnificent Race #1


I thought I would write a series of blogs to document my journey to self-publish my third children’s book titled, The Magnificent Race. My hope is the information will help others see their way through the publishing process. Here is the current status of the book: The manuscript has been written and rewritten countless times. The final draft has gone through the editing process by our independent editor, Nora Cohen, childrensbookediting.com. The book has been sketched out entirely, 36 pages, containing a mixture of individual pages and spreads. Approximately 30% of final art is complete. It has been five years …

A Quiet Prayer


We say a quiet prayer for the soul of James Foley and his family.  

“Cob” Rollin’


This one is dedicated to an old friend and the best man at my wedding. He lives in Iowa where they hope the corn will be, “knee high by July”.

SCBWI 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.51.17 PM

I refer a lot of people to SCBWI when I get asked questions about publishing, because here you will find all the information you require. It is an amazing organization for those that want to join the ranks of Writers & Illustrators of the children’s world. This year was my fourth time attending the summer conference held in LA, and it never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge is shared at this event. The keynote speeches from respected and immensely successful authors & illustrators is worth the price of admission, but you also get great exposure to editors, agents …

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