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School Visits

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Get Your Gecko-Boy


This illustration is about 6 years old. I remember, so well, being a young boy at Christmas and feeling like I might die if we didn’t get an Atari 2600 game system. I was probably about 8 years old and my parents did a fantastic job of concealing the game system until Christmas Day. Believe me, I looked. When it came time for the big reveal, my folks sent us on a hunt through the house using a series of hand-written notes that offered clues to the next location. The anticipation of discovering what goody waited at the end of …

Air Reptile


When I was Albuquerque, I got absolutely hammered for a basketball theme piece. I decided to come through for the folks with this urban-set, 2 on 2 b-ball game. In typical form, Chopper is demonstrating his superior athletic skills to his competitors. Yes, both the title of the piece and hanging tongue are references to the almighty Michael Jordan. I’m not a sports fan, but it was hard not to notice Air Jordan growing up. He was the greatest player in the NBA in my humble opinion. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!


Vegas Crime


I was in Las Vegas for a show this past weekend. This idea just struck me as funny. Enjoy.

Kickstarting Book #3


When I wrote my second storybook, To See the Sea, Kickstarter was not around yet. Kickstarter is a website that helps artists fund their creative projects. I’m now nearing a completed manuscript for my third storybook, along with the first round of initial sketch work and I to get some feedback from my customer base. How willing might you be to help fund the publishing of this book? The response will determine if I move forward and initiate a Kickstarter project in late 2013 or early 2014. The book would have a projected release date of Fall 2014. The production of …

Chockablock VW


This one was a lot of fun to paint. As a classic car fan, I try to incorporate one when it feels appropriate. Here, I wanted to see how many Gekkards could fit into an VW van. The van originally was going to be bright yellow, but as I started to paint it that way, I felt the van needed to look more aged. The contrast between the rusty, patina van against the vibrant Gekkards and flowers really makes the piece for me.

Flame Thrower


I was falling asleep one night and this image appeared in my head.

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